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Sports Medicine

Recognizing the athlete in each of us, sports medicine plays a crucial part in keeping the people of Gilbert, AZ on the move.

The doctors at Preferred Rehab listened to my issue and took the time I needed to thoroughly assess my needs. They didn’t rush me through and that is so important. I am highly impressed at how personable they are including genuine smiles and questions about my family. The staff was quick and answered all my questions about insurance. I am thankful to have found such a great office for my back issues! I will be recommending Preferred Rehab to everyone in the East valley!

At Preferred Rehab, we take pride in keeping athletes in the game.

Our Approach

1. Sports medicine is movement medicine: Whether you are a competitive athlete, industrial athletes, or just physically active, sports medicine will help you move better.

2. Injury Prevention: We focus on proactive measures to prevent injuries, offering specialized training programs, biomechanical assessments, and strength and conditioning guidance to optimize athletic performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

 3. Injury treatment: Our sports medicine team designs individualized treatment programs designed to help you reach the goals of your sports and activities, helping you return to sport safely after an injury.

4. Multimodal  Care: We use a combination of therapies and treatments to promote healing and facilitate a safe return to play.  This includes chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy and athletic training.

5. Individualized Care Plans: We recognize that every athlete is unique, and one-size-fits-all approaches may not yield the best results. Our sports medicine team creates personalized care plans tailored to each athlete’s specific condition, goals, and sport, ensuring the most effective and efficient recovery.

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Real People. Real Results

If you are looking for a great chiro experience, look no further than Preferred Rehab Medical Center in Gilbert. Experienced and patient centered, they do an amazing job with treating their patients with respect and care. The fabulous office staff members make it easy to schedule and reschedule. They offer a reasonable monthly massage package which rivals other businesses. I can not adequately tell everyone how happy I am to have found a neighborhood chiropractor with these amentities. Go see them!!

I recommend this chiropractor to everyone! They are the best! They listen and help with all my needs and is amazing with my kids!

We can’t say enough GREAT things about EVERYONE at Preferred Rehab!THANK YOU ALL at Preferred Rehab from the front desk, Physical Therapists, Technicians, and Doctors for all you do, YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!

What is sports medicine, and how can it benefit athletes?

Sports medicine is a specialized field that focuses on the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries and conditions. It benefits athletes by optimizing performance, providing injury prevention strategies, and facilitating safe and timely recovery from injuries to return to their sport.

What types of sports-related injuries do you treat?

Our sports medicine team is proficient in treating a wide range of sports-related injuries, including sprains, strains, fractures, ligament tears, tendonitis, and overuse injuries. We offer comprehensive evaluations and individualized treatment plans for each athlete’s specific condition.

What can I expect during a sports medicine appointment?

During your sports medicine appointment, our specialists will conduct a thorough evaluation, including medical history, physical examination, and diagnostic tests if necessary. Based on the findings, they will design a personalized treatment plan, which may include rehabilitative exercises, therapies, and injury prevention strategies.

Who should seek sports medicine services?

At Preferred Rehab, we believe every human is an athlete. Sports medicine services are beneficial for athletes of all levels, from recreational enthusiasts to professional athletes. Whether you are experiencing an injury, seeking performance enhancement, or looking for injury prevention strategies, our sports medicine experts can cater to your unique needs.

Can I access sports medicine services if I'm not an athlete?

Absolutely! If you move, sports medicine is for you. While our primary focus is on athletes, our sports medicine services can benefit anyone with musculoskeletal issues or injuries. We welcome non-athletes seeking specialized care to recover from injuries or enhance their overall physical performance.