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Soft Tissue Techniques

Some of the techniques we use for rehab involve targeting soft tissue specifically. These techniques include Dry Needling and PENS, Cupping, and Graston Technique or Scraping.

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Dry Needling and PENS

​Use of acupuncture needles and sometimes electrodes to stimulate healing in the muscles. Needles are used in areas where there are “knots”, or active trigger points to create positive inflammation, increase blood flow, increase joint mobility, and decrease feeling of stiffness.. 


Use of cups to pull the superficial tissues, cutaneous nerves, etc. upward in areas of muscular tension or spasm. Increases blood flow, healing, and mobility while decreasing the sensation of stiffness in the region. 

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Graston Technique or Scraping

Use of tools against the skin to increase blood flow and break down tissue adhesions in areas of muscular spasm or trigger points. Helps to increase mobility and reduce feeling of stiffness.

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