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Reasons you should see a chiropractor following an accident:


Chiropractic Care Restores and Maintains Motion

One of the primary intentions of chiropractic care is to restore proper motion to the body. Following an accident people will often experience stiffness and pain. 


In an effort to combat these symptoms are bodies will find ways to compensate. These compensations can lead to long-term chronic painful conditions if left untreated. Movement is how our body is intended to function and it is required to keep us healthy and pain free, which is why it is important to get the minor injuries treated before they turn into chronic conditions.


Chiropractic Care Reduces Scar Tissue

When damage is done to a muscle, tendon, and ligament or joint the body begins to repair it by laying down fibrous tissue. While this is often a necessary component to healing the body doesn’t always account for a person’s immobility and the fibrous tissue may begin to have a negative affects. We are able to increase joint mobility and work to improve movement patterns before the scar tissue begins to hinder proper movement. 


We are also able to directly treat the injured soft tissue and target it to help break up the fibrous tissue and help speed and improve healing.


Chiropractic Care is Non-Invasive

Minor injuries sustained during a vehicle accident left untreated can lead to more serious conditions later that require surgery or more dramatic interventions. 

Many of these more invasive procedures could be avoided by treatment early on by methods that are less invasive. This is one of the primary reasons why chiropractic care is so popular with people who have been involved in a vehicle accident.


Chiropractic Care can Reduce Pain without Medication


Often following a vehicle accident, patients are prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxers. When used properly these are extremely helpful for many patients. Unfortunately, even when used properly though these medications can also lead to many negative side effects. They can also interfere with a persons’ ability to work, care for their family, drive and many other daily activities. 

Chiropractic care naturally provides pain relief with very few side effects and is the treatment of choice for many patients following an accident.


Chiropractic Care is proven to be Affective


There is a reason why so many people turn to chiropractic care following an accident. Chiropractic is not new, in fact chiropractic as we know it today began in the late 1800’s. Since then it has become the largest alternative healthcare choice in the world. In fact many chiropractors today no longer work in the alternative healthcare field and are integrated with your medical doctors and hospitals. Chiropractic care has been getting great results for more than a century and has been helping people reduce pain and improve mobility throughout their lives. Immediately following a vehicle accident is a crucial time period to improve your health.


Chiropractic Care can Support your Insurance Claim


We know that money and expenses are always a concern, especially following an accident. We hate having to discuss finances with patients almost as much as they hate having to think about it. 


Fortunately, most people who have been in a vehicle accident will have their care paid for by insurance and we are able to assist with that process. We are also able to recommend attorneys that work with people following accidents to ensure that money is not a concern while healing from an accident.

The most important thing following an accident is to ensure that you and your family will heal as quickly and completely as possible and not suffer any lingering or long-term consequences from the injuries suffered in the accident. 


Chiropractic care and Preferred Rehab of Gilbert and Queen Creek is positioned to take care of you through this process.

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