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Physical Therapy & Rehab

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a very broad phrase that covers several different techniques.


In our officess we use a combination of pin and stretch along with post-isometric relaxation and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.


These are all just different ways to address a muscle that is restricted in its motion to restore proper range of motion. Sometimes after an adjustment it is found that a muscle restriction is preventing a joint from moving properly through its range of motion. 


This may be due to muscular spasm, scar tissue or any number of other causes; manual therapy is a tool we use to address that muscle restriction to help get your joints and body moving the way it is supposed to.



Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization


Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization is used to treat scar tissue, adhesions and fascial restrictions within the connective tissue surrounding muscles.


This myofascial treatment is performed in our offices by use of stainless steel instruments. Some of our patients know this technique as “scraping.” In our offices we use IASTM to treat areas of pain for our patients in order to mobilize muscle and connective tissue in order to stimulate rehabilitation and recovery. 


We see great success when treating trigger point pain in the back and shoulders, shoulder injuries, wrist and elbow pain, IT band syndrome and other knee pain, and plantar fasciitis.Many athletes find it to be a great tool for reducing pain and improving their performance.


In our offices we use a variety of different types of athletic and medical tape. Taping has become increasingly popular over the last several years. In our clinic we approach taping with the idea that each patient/condition/injury is different, which is why our taping may vary from patient to patient. Since we cannot always see our patients every day, we utilize taping to help patients heal more quickly and increase their performance. 


Taping may be used to treat conditions of the extremities as well as the spine. We may use it to provide neural stimulation to certain muscles, support injured joints and even reduce swelling and bruising.


Many athletes, on all levels, use taping to improve their performance and training, and also help them return from injuries as soon as possible with great success.


Electrical Stimulation therapy

We use electric stimulation therapy in our offices primarily for treating muscle spasms and reducing acute pain. We use electrodes to stimulate the muscle that is causing the pain in order to help the muscle relax and reduce swelling and inflammation.


We have great results when used on patients who are experiencing muscles spasms that are prevent the spine from moving properly. Following a treatment utilizing electrical stimulation we are then able to adjust the spine with less discomfort and obtain a better outcome with faster recovery for our patients.



Therapeutic Exercise

Another therapy we use in our offices is exercise! It is very common that a great deal of our patient’s spinal dysfunction is caused by muscles that are not functioning the way that they should. This causes improper movement patterns and leads to pain and degeneration.


As chiropractors we restore proper position and movement to joints of the body but it is crucial that our patient’s bodies learn how to maintain this proper alignment and function.

In order to reach that goal we evaluate our patient’s bodies and assign exercises to address their weaknesses. This allows our patients to maintain their bodies and mobility throughout their care plans and lives.

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