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Chiropractic Adjustments

How do we treat back pain?

Achieved by Diversified, Motion Palpation, Activator, Thompson Drops, or Cox-Flexion Distraction techniques, chiropractic adjustments are a method of achieving greater joint range of motion in areas that are not functionally moving well. Adjustments also reduce pain at a chemical level, by telling the brain there is increased movement in the area adjusted.


At Preferred Rehab, our doctors have had years of experience and post graduate training to prepare themselves to treat each patient with the most accurate, comfortable and thorough care possible. Each patient is treated uniquely at our offices.


After a thorough new patient exam including any orthopedic and neurologic tests that are indicated, the docs will discuss exactly how they plan to treat each patient and the benefits behind why certain techniques may be more beneficial for their health and wellness.


Some patients are adjusted with low force techniques only (Activator and drop tables), while other patients are a mixture of Diversified manual adjustments, low force adjustments and manual therapies.

We create care plans that are specifically fit to address the individual and their lifestyle. The ultimate goal at Preferred Rehab is for each patient, young and old, to feel truly heard and comfortable with their care.

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