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Auto Accident and Personal Injury

We know vehicle accidents happen in Gilbert and the surrounding areas everyday. Being involved in an accident can be terrifying, painful, overwhelming and expensive! At Preferred Rehab we understand what you are going through and it is important to us to make sure our patients get the medical care that they need without adding additional stress to an already stressful situation.


We understand the relationship between a vehicle accident and the injuries that can occur. It is very common for patients involved in a vehicle accident to suffer whiplash injuries that are often accompanied by concussion, muscle strains and tears, ligament sprains, bruising and soreness.


We know that people do not want to deal with everything that goes along with being involved in a vehicle accident and that includes taking care of their physical injuries. However, it is important to address those injuries as soon as possible to prevent and reduce chronic pain and injuries later. We do everything in our power to ensure that our patients experience stress free care and treatment in our office.


The most common injury we see as a result from vehicle accidents is whiplash. This is caused by the sudden movement of the head in one direction followed by it snapping back in the opposite direction, similar to a whip cracking. 


This causes injury, sprains and strains, to the muscles and ligaments of the spine. New research is showing us that concussions very often accompany whiplash injuries, caused by the brain striking the inside of the skull while the head and neck is rapidly accelerating and decelerating during the accident. 


This combination of injuries may lead to the following symptoms: pain in the neck and back, stiffness, dizziness, blurred vision, headache, nausea, confusion and a large variety of other symptoms. The bottom line is your injuries may be more severe than you realize, this is especially common with those who have been involved in a vehicle accident.


What seems to happen far too often is that injured people believe their condition does not warrant medical care following an accident. They believe their injuries are minor and will heal without any treatment. The truth is that these injuries may not heal optimally without treatment and lead to pain and dysfunction in the future. 


Chiropractic Care is widely recognized as a leading authority in the area of treatment following a vehicle accident. In our office we treat patients who neck and back injuries as well as soft tissue injuries and provide support for the entire healing process.


Insurance companies recognized the benefits of chiropractic care and in many instances, care can be provided at no cost to a patient who has been involved in a vehicle accident. 


We work with several attorneys and are always open to work with your current attorney to complete all the required paperwork to ensure that your care is provided at the lowest possible cost or no cost at all.

Have you been injured in an auto accident?

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